The Sri Lanka Police was established 150 years ago and has been shaped by decades of violent conflict. Significant reform is required to transition it from a force to a service that upholds the fundamental principles of good governance and the rule of law and is suitable for a democratic, post-conflict society. The Government of Sri Lanka recognises that there have been several previous attempts to reform policing which have not achieved the desired objectives. There is still a significant gap between the demand from the public for effective and accountable policing, and current policing arrangements and performance. The Ministry of Law & Order and Southern Development has established a Policing Reform Committee (PRC) to help address this challenge.


The overall vision of the reform process is to develop a professional police service that is accountable to citizens and the law, upholds good governance, and provides services effectively and impartially to all.


  • Improving professionalism and standards
  • Enhancing accountability and transparency
  • Practicing and uphold human rights
  • Preventing crime
  • Reducing fear of crime and enhancing citizens’ sense of security
  • Increasing public trust and confidence